By Preventing Digital Dysfunction

"We resolve problems arising from IT excess."

At Samsung SDS, we are taking the lead to prevent and resolve adverse effect of technology which can potentially cause physical and mental damage in humans. Through prevention programs, we’re sharing proper ways to use the Internet and smartphones and also showing how to create a healthy culture of online communication. And treat those children and youths who are suffering from side effects of excessive IT.

Education activities to minimize negative impacts of Information society

Samsung SDS has implemented activities to prevent the negative effects of IT (which is one of the latest social issues) for children and youths, by incorporating IT characteristics. Since 2009, the company has provided employees with training to produce instructors who help prevent addiction to the internet through the ‘Preventing Negative Effects of IT and Addiction to Internet’ educational program for elementary school students. The company also develops educational materials using measures of addiction to the internet and various other sources, and provides education on this by incorporating it into elementary school classes.

Furthermore, the company provides middle school students with the ‘Preventing Addiction to Smartphones’ educational program and is playing a leading role in promoting proper IT culture by educating students on the causes of addiction to smartphones, current status of addiction and proper ways to use smartphones.

In this age of rapid advancements in information technology, the company strives to prevent the negative effects of IT and provide education by developing a variety of contents and teaching methodologies, and also by reducing the exposure of children/adolescents to such negative effects.