For Enjoying a Happy Life

"We promote happy life for underprivileged groups by active coaching and sponsorships through our vast employee talent pool."

Samsung SDS recommends devoting 20 hours a year, equivalent to 1% of total annual working hours for an employee, to a volunteer activity. Through talent-sharing and volunteer programs, our company promotes happier life of underprivileged groups in society by taking initiative in building warm-hearted communities.

Employee talent-sharing activities

At Samsung SDS, there are a lot of employees with a variety of talents and abilities. Employees run clubs that best reflect their idiosyncrasies and hobbies and conduct volunteer activities through which they share their own talents with needy neighbors.

Bowling Club

Members of the bowling clubs in Seoul and Gwacheon of south Korea practice “talent sharing” by teaching people with disabilities how to bowl. The Seoul club provides instructions to people with visual impairments at the Jamsil Welfare Center on a monthly basis, while the Gwacheon club invites people with physical disabilities to bowling games to help them discover their potential and adjust to society. The bowling club members have been friends and conducted volunteer work for a long time. Now, they are focusing more on maintaining their relations, as well as volunteering.

Dance Club

Members of the dance club in the Gyeonggi region of south Korea runs monthly dance classes for people with disabilities. Through the classes, people with disabilities can enrich their leisure activities and stay healthy through physical activities like easy dance moves. Club members and people with disabilities foster one another’s talents through talent competitions and live happy and invigorating lives.

Producing wall paintings

Through the creation of wall paintings for elementary schools, the Samsung SDS is committed to helping children develop dreams and hopes.

This activity is being conducted in conjunction with university students of the wall painting volunteer club, the office of education and the volunteer service center. After the first production of wall paintings for elementary schools and other facilities, the company has been involved in creating wall paintings in other regions, building a happy world for children.

By making wall paintings for elementary schools in Seongnam of south Korea which have poor access to education, the company opened the door to a world of dreams and imagination. Furthermore, the artworks were positively received by local residents and other organizations in the community.

Moreover, employees are running a wall painting volunteer club and they will continue to help the poorly adjusted children in schools regain psychological and emotional stability through wall paintings by developing hidden talents and dreams while watching these beautiful wall paintings.

smart Bridge Fund

In December 1994, an employee suggested to the CEO that the company should help children who are parentless by collecting 1,000 won(about 1 dollar) from each employee’s monthly wage. The CEO gladly accepted the proposal and launched the 1:1 matching grant through which the company contributes as much as the employees donate.

About 90% of employees are participating in raising funds through the smart Bridge Fund program. The contributions are used to fund scholarships IT education for families with children who are parentless and youth with disabilities who have talents for IT and to finance social contribution subjects under the names of employees in desired fields, including IT-based assistive devices that support university students with disabilities.

Aside from the smart Bridge Fund, employees are voluntarily involved in sponsorships such as emergency relief. Employees’ contributions are fully reflected in the year-end donation receipts and statements. Feedback is provided on the use of monthly donations to ensure transparency in operating the funds.

Donations to provide school meals to starving children

The company’s cafeteria operates the “One Meal and Sharing Day” twice a month. On the “One Meal and Sharing Day,” employees eat flour-based foods for lunch and each donate 1,000 won(about 1 dollar) for school meals for starving children across the country.

The “One Meal and Sharing Day” was initiated to help starving children who cannot afford school lunches due to past or current financial crises and domestic difficulties. It provides employees with opportunities to practice small, daily donations and the meal savings are used to fund school lunches for starving children, which then supports their physical and mental development by having a healthy growth.

At first, the company worked with the offices of education and the Korea Food for the Hungry International to supply school meal costs and milk to elementary school students who could not afford school lunches. However, since most elementary schools began providing free school meals, the company has offered starving children and youth meals for lunch and dinner during vacations as well to support their healthy growth, along with the existing benefits program.

Volunteering Festival

Samsung SDS holds the Volunteering Festival twice a year. Every April, when the company celebrates its anniversary, all employees conduct sharing activities, turning the celebration into a chance to share. Every October, all employees of the Samsung Group engage in volunteering to solve problems within communities and express their love for neighbors.

During the festival period, employees form groups by department or by club to conduct volunteer work. Their various activities include helping affiliated farms, leading contribution activity, and talent-sharing in clubs. The company also supports employee volunteering by running the year-end Love Neighbors campaign.

Support activities for affiliated farms

Since 1995, as part of the “One company helps many farms” project, the Samsung SDS has conducted a wide array of activities to revitalize rural economies, such as helping farmers by selling specialty products. Currently, the company is affiliated with 15 farming and fishing villages which provides farmers with the motivation through farm experience and exchange programs.

To supply actual revenues to farms, the Samsung SDS collaborated with the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs to select villages for the pilot project of IT development in rural areas to build a direct online distribution system. Since 2002, the company has organized the “Joint Purchasing of Love” twice a year for employees to buy farm produce from rural communities with IT capabilities. Through this activity, agricultural products worth over 500 million won have been purchased.

Each year, the company also carries out rural volunteer activities to help farmers in affiliated farms. During the summer, employees and their families visit these villages and engage in activities to help revitalize the rural economies but also to gain life experience for themselves.

smart Bridge Walking Festival

Samsung SDS holds the “smart Bridge Walking Festival” to help children and adolescents who suffer from ICT-related diseases, which are the adverse effects of ICT, such as addiction to the internet and smartphones.

Since 1997, the Festival has been held as “1 Meter 1 Won Marathon of Love” and attended by many employees and their families to
raise money for medical expenses for child patients with rare and incurable diseases. Employees who cannot participate in the
Festival have joined in sponsoring their colleagues.

Since 1997, the Festival has raised about 940 million won and provided medical expenses to about 180 patients. In 2014, SDS began to collaborate with the district office in treating adolescents’

disorders caused by the adverse effects of information technology in order to support the proper use of information technology.