You know how effective, even necessary, video surveillance is to your business, but are you getting the most from your current system? Samsung SDS Video Analytics takes video surveillance to the next level with advanced image analytics, increased situational awareness, and incident management capabilities, as well as real-time event detection and notification features.

Samsung SDS Differentiation

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Tune to Your Needs

Collect and analyze events from a variety of devices and sensors to meet an enterprise’s specific needs.

Monitor in Real Time

Flawless detection of designated targets including objects, faces, and license plates.

Analyze Data Quickly

Utilize real-time and post hoc analysis and predictive modeling capabilities.

Respond Faster

Advanced tracking capabilities lead to faster response times by emergency respondents.

Expand as Needed

Easily integrate with new and existing surveillance systems.

Major Features

  • Object Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Advanced Search
  • Visual Query
  • Tracking
  • Complex Event Processing

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