Inteliigent Video Analytics Solution That Ensures Citizens' Safety and Project Companies' Assets.”

Intelligent Video Analytics Solution Provides Safety and Protection Ranging from Urban Video Surveillance to Facility Security.

Citizens’ demand for safety is growing. There is also an increasing tendency towards the deployment of security control systems using surveillance cameras in the country’s major infrastructure like airports and railways, as well as heavily populated areas such as hotels, shopping malls, and subway stations. Security control systems using image data collected from surveillance cameras have now become essential security tools to ensure citizens’ safety and protect companies’ assets. Consequently, customer demand for intelligent video analytics solutions is also growing. Using intelligent video analytics allows fast analysis of videos collected from surveillance cameras, prompt response to accidents, and prediction and prevention of accidents.

Samsung SDS’s Surveillance solution is an intelligent video analytics solution that blends a surveillance system with the latest IT technologies, such as intelligent video analytics, an IoT (Internet of Things) sensor, and big data, to provide real-time accident detection and accident response. This solution has been optimized to meet diverse needs, ranging from large-scale urban-level control systems to facility security which provides human and property protection. Aside from urban-level control and security, it is now becoming an analytics solution that fulfills special needs in a variety of areas such as retail, healthcare, education, commerce, and facilities.

Moscow Safe City Pilot Project:
Pilot Project for an Intelligent Video Surveillance Analytics System

The Safe City Pilot Project in Moscow, Russia, best exemplifies the application of Samsung SDS’s intelligent Surveillance solution. In Moscow, for surveillance and safety purposes, about 120,000 surveillance cameras were installed and are in operation on major urban roads and vulnerable areas. However, the crime and criminal arrest rates were not reduced as had been expected. Through the pilot project, Samsung SDS has successfully deployed the intelligent video surveillance analytics system to efficiently operate surveillance cameras and used it to collect images for public services. The solution helped improve existing surveillance systems that relied solely on administrators’ monitoring. Instead, the solution’s added feature of automatically detecting abnormal behavior will help quickly handle accidents and prevent crimes. Furthermore, the company also demonstrated that the solution could help make urban environments more comfortable and cleaner through video analytics of garbage trucks and snow removal vehicles.

Samsung SDS’s intelligent Surveillance solution offers the best solution when a new video security control system featuring surveillance cameras is installed, or when intelligent video analytics service is required to enhance an existing video security control system.