Retail Training

Retail Training is Samsung SDS’s solution to the difficult task of “mobile training and sales enablement”. Retail Training provides a learning mileage features that motivate sales associate.

Samsung SDS Differentiation

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Improve Knowledge Retention

On-demand programs allow retail associates to learn at their own pace and skill level.

Quickly Update Sales Teams

Optimize sales talk to update retail associates on the latest information.

Foster Communication

Enable retail associates, regionally or around the globe, to share experiences and ideas.

Gather Feedback

Easily survey retail associates to understand customer and market needs.

Enhance Product Knowledge

Digital brochures detail product attributes that cannot be presented in the product itself.

Major Features

  • Personalized and Real-time Training
  • Gamification
  • Online Community Portal
  • Virtual Customer

For sales associates in retail stores

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Better learning environment for enhancing sales empowerment

All-in-one solution for professional customer service

For sales associates in retail stores

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Higher engagement with sales associates through interactive communication and mentoring features

Increased customer satisfaction By offering improved customer service

For sales managers in HQ

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Easy to manage incentive system to upskill and motivate sales associates

Easy to use management features for supporting the training needs of the retail stores more efficiently

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Samsung SDS have a wide range of solutions so we realise sometimes you just need to have a demonstration of our innovative technology to you. That's why we offer, Live demonstrations to wherever you are, helping you to enhance your customer experience