Instead of relying on individual sales representatives’ abilities, Samsung SDS helps stores improve sales effectiveness with an optimized interface for consulting services, including a customized consulting tool (comparing products, recommending associated products, etc.) for increasing customer satisfaction and purchases, as well as preliminary product and customer analysis data.

Samsung SDS Differentiation

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Interactive Experience Enabled by Digital Technology

Provide your customers with unique shopping experience using digital signage and sensors.

Indoor Positioning

Analyse customer routes and popular products of interest using in-store sensors to gain marketing insights for product planning and store operation.

Content Management

Enable HQ to cascade and manage content, while empowering retail outlets to properly adjust its layout as their store requires.

Mobile Interaction

Deliver customer-specific content in real time via in-store mobile devices interfaced with store system to better engage with your customers.

Device Monitoring & Control

Monitor your stores in real time and promptly respond to any in-store event through device monitoring and remote control.

Major Features

Indoor Sensing

  1. People Counting
  2. Indoor Positioning

Interactive Display

  1. Touch Point
  2. Contents Management
  3. Mobile Interaction

Integrated Management

  1. Device Monitoring
  2. Device Management

Samsung SDS Retail Marketing’s Industry Applications

Electronic Store

Excite and engage with your customers using Samsung SDS SDE to provide in-store information on products, services and promotions to every inch of your store.

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  • Build WOW factor in store
  • Reduce rebuilding costs
  • Tailor events easily
  • Target key customers accurately
  • Learn more about the products and services they want
  • Enjoy their shopping experience


  • Learn the latest trends, combinations and looks
  • Feel happy with their purchase knowing they paid the best price possible

Car Dealership

Maximize your floor space and excite customers with digital displays dovetailing your model displays.

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Auto Retailer

  • Maximized space use
  • Provide information on models not
  • Experience products through digital devices
  • Receive personalized consulting based on sensing technology and analytics

Car Buyer

  • Experience products through digital devices
  • Receive personalized consulting based on sensing technology and analytics

Fashion Retailers

Witness a higher conversion-to-purchase rate by adding digital technology to attract fashion-sensitive customers, enabling them to enjoy real-time videos and photos of the latest hot looks from fashion magazines.

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  • Attract more customers with digital elements
  • Virtual fitting rooms saving space


  • Latest recommendations on new looks according to their wants
  • Latest information on promotional events and product information

Estate Agencies

Provide optimized information on region and individual properties to improve information flow and help prospects decide which properties they want to visit.

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  • Improve publicity effect using display
  • Provide detailed information neighbourhood statistics
  • Minimize sales brochures

Benefit Home Buyer / Investor

  • Increase regional understanding and receive detailed support for decision making through accurate information

Large Retailers

The IMS takes into account the retail industry’s characteristics that pursue low margin, low price, and greater customer purchase when providing self-service facilities for reduced facility and labour costs, helping organize promotion events through customer analysis, and supporting layout arrangement as well as facility installation through product analysis.

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Benefit Large Retailer

  • Increased revenue from optimal store layout, amenities installation, and product arrangement.
  • Reduced labour cost and increased customer satisfaction thanks to self-service facilities


  • Get a list of discount products using self-service facilities
  • Get detailed explanation about their products of interest and their location

Case Study: Winkworth

Case Study - Winkworth


  • Crowded window space to advertise properties
  • Inefficient use of administrative of time


  • Ease of use in updating adverts in branch window
  • Gives the branch modern look and feel to increase foot fall
  • Attract more potential high street home buyers
  • Enhance the in-branch customer experience
  • Increase efficiencies for internal administrators updating property listings

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