Digitizing Retail Stores for Efficient Store Management and New Customer Value and Experience.”

Offering Customers Unique Shopping Experiences through Two-way Communication

Instead of relying on individual sales representatives’ abilities, Samsung SDS helps stores improve sales effectiveness with an optimized interface for consulting services, including a customized consulting tool (comparing products, recommending associated products, etc.) for increasing customer satisfaction and purchases, as well as preliminary product and customer analysis data.

Furthermore, a variety of interactive displays and sensors installed in retail stores provide two-way interactive experiences between customers and products to increase customer interest in products and their loyalty to the brand.

Maximizing Efficiency at Stores through Customer Lifestyle Analysis

The Retail Sales Mobility Solution is Samsung SDS’s leading retail solution for mobile devices. The solution enables integrated management of all the processes necessary for store management, including product information, payments, inventory control, and customer data analysis. Store employees can interact with customers, help them pay, and check inventory in real time, while freely moving around in stores. Thus, stores can enhance both customer responsiveness and efficiency at work.

Designed to enhance the marketing performance of retail stores, the Samsung SDS Retail Marketing provides product information on a large screen display as well as services tailored to individual customers’ needs. Connected to a large screen display, the solution shows customers product information stored on the Retail Sales Mobility Solution and conducts a real-time in-store analysis of customers to help track their movements.

Samsung SDS Retail Training provides a wonderful and valuable interaction between instructors and leaners, unlike past corporate training that was mainly formal and enabled only one-way communication. Also it is a workplace based training solution that supports continuous learning and innovative for increasing sales capacity in diverse industries, such as retail. In retail industry, sales product specifications evolve all the time and product release cycles are shortening. Retail managers need their salespersons to know everything about their products all the time.

Samsung SDS’s Retail solution is a cutting-edge store management and marketing solution that can be widely applied to retail stores. The solution provides management/sales features specially designed for certain businesses like automobiles, electronics, and real estate, and data collection and analysis features to support customer-centric marketing. Samsung SDS has already deployed the Retail solution in major retail stores run by Samsung’s subsidiaries, while continuously extending cooperation with leading global retailers.