Maximizie Productivity with a Corporate Callboration Solution.

Offering a Fast and Convenient Collaborative Environment

Recent changes in companies’ office environments reflect a shift from the existing notion of working at the same place, at the same time. A report by a research center revealed that, at companies worldwide, up to 66% of working hours are now spent collaborating with remote colleagues, instead of colleagues sitting next to one another. As collaboration has become more important, companies are exploring faster and more convenient ways of communication and collaboration channels. To save these companies the trouble, Samsung SDS presents a smart solution. “CellWe™” is a collaboration solution that supports easy and fast collaboration and help create a new work environment, as opposed to e-mail exchanges relying on human communication. There are CellWe™ and EMM(Enterprise Mobility Management) available.

Communication Using Collective Intelligence and Promoting a learning Corporate Culture

CellWe™ provides an integrated solution of easy and fast communication channels corporate social media, conferencing, e-mail, and a corporate messenger and content storage through which files are safely stored and synched and shared with colleagues. Employees can create texts and files necessary for work in Streams and share them so that work progress can be monitored at a glance. They can also post and exchange comments to accelerate decision-making and work progress. Furthermore, without sharing their sales progress and schedules, departments can jointly upload them and post updates on the dashboard so that they can freely access the latest information. Files can be easily managed since they can be checked in version history when previous versions need to be checked. When a meeting needs to be held, each department can notify the group members needed for the task at hand and call for a meeting immediately via a messenger, or proceed with a conference if necessary.

Safe Collaborative Environment without Security Problems

The biggest barrier to creating a collaborative environment within a company is the risk of data leakage caused by the loss of mobile devices or hacking. To resolve security issues, EMM(Enterprise Mobility Management) provides an integrated security feature encompassing smart devices, apps, and data. In conjunction with CellWe™, EMM(Enterprise Mobility Management) provides a safe collaborative environment.The company also plans on presenting a mobile security solution using facial recognition.

Samsung SDS provides mobile application development services from developing to operating mobile applications to increase business productivity and lead businesses to success

With the distribution of smart devices such as smartphones and tablets, many companies are looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency and increase sales using such devices. Samsung SDS provides mobile application development services aimed at increasing product/service and corporate values while supplying device/server software development/operation and solutions necessary for mobile services that companies in various businesses, including electronics, finance, manufacturing and services, make available to consumers and employees.

Samsung SDS develops and operates mobile services for Samsung Electronics’ smartphones, including Samsung App Store and Samsung Wallet, using its global large-sized and large-capacity system design, development and operating capabilities as well as its cloud and open source capabilities. The company particularly provides an enterprise mobile security solution using a biometric identification solution (FIDO) that can be applied to security/identification in mobile payments, the core element of FinTech.

In addition, Samsung SDS helps increase business productivity and efficiency through mobile application development services encompassing business purpose-oriented elements helpful for employees in their jobs, intuitive mobile UX optimized for mobile businesses, and decision support elements that utilize analytics technology.