Do you hope to be able to interactively deliver the right message to the right person at the right time? Hope no more, with the Samsung SDS Digital Place Marketing Solution, publishers and mall operators can use the latest in audience targeting technology to engage buyers in new and exciting ways.

Samsung SDS Differentiation

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Know Who's Viewing

Capture demographic and engagement metrics with cameras embedded directly on the digital signs.

Personalize Messages

Interactively deliver the right message to the right audience with optimized ad matching, based on machine learning.

Improve Relevance

Deliver highly relevant messages based on date, latest events, holidays, weather, and other data points you define.

Flexible Deployment

Host advertisements on your own servers or in the cloud.

Major Features

  • Segment-Based Ad Matching
  • Proof-of-Play
  • Advertising Management
  • Way-Finding
  • Device Management
  • Content Management

Samsung SDS Video Analytics Surveillance


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