with Partners


"At Samsung SDS, we create a transparent and ethical business environment based on Samsung Group’s core business principle of righteous management"


"At Samsung SDS, we are continuing our efforts to reform unreasonable processes and practices that hinder our collaboration and shared growth, while concentrating our capabilities on creating new businesses and developing key platform technologies that will help us grow along with our partners."

From the CEO’s Welcome Speech at 2014 Smart Together Forum

Raising employees’ awareness of fair transactions and shared growth

Samsung SDS practices “mutually enhancing and growing” win-win partnerships with its business partners based on honesty and trust. The company also complies with all applicable agreements and laws and pursues ‘righteous management’ with fairness and integrity in mind.

  • ~ Implementing the Employee Compliance Pledge to ensure compliance and business ethics
  • ~ Ethics Charter for Partners and the Code of Ethics

Compliance with Fair Transactions Law

To ensure compliance with the Subcontractors Act, Samsung SDS has adopted and operated the four major guidelines for collaboration between large and small to medium enterprises, which were established by our Fairness Committee.

  • Contract guidelines
  • Partner selection and management
  • Installation and operation of the Subcontractor Deliberation Committee
  • Document issuance and retention

Since 2005, Samsung SDS has operated “Win-Win Dot Com,” an online partner collaboration system. The system is designed for us to provide our partners with clearly defined evaluation criteria and fair opportunities, share new business opportunities, and create a fair and transparent business environment.

a result of these efforts, the company acquired the Excellence grade in the Fair Transactions and Mutual Growth Agreement Implementation Evaluation conducted by the Fair Trade Commission.

Creating a culture for shared growth with partners through various communication channels

Partner Council to promote interaction among partners (STR, Smart-Together Round)

Since it created the Partner Council in 2007, Samsung SDS has helped arrange council meetings in which its partners, classified by business industries, can discuss business information and issues with one another. The company also has continuously worked hard to incorporate complaints or policy issues brought up at council meetings into its operations for shared growth.

Smart Together Forum events to strengthen partnerships

Samsung SDS has provided events for communication and bonding among partners to strengthen its partnerships. These events include briefings on SDS’s business strategies and win-win growth policies with guest speeches by the CEOs of partners and giving a tour around the Promotion Center.

Meetings on win-win growth with business units (on-site) to share business information

Samsung SDS strives to share business information and pay attention to and accept a variety of complaints and suggestions by its partners through meetings on win-win growth attended by the CEOs of its partners and the executive officers of related teams.


"For Samsung SDS, our business partners are invaluable We firmly believe that the successes of our partners are the measure of our success.."

1999 ~ 2005

~ 100% cash payments for contract services

~ Bond/insurance exemptions for partners

2006 ~ 2010

~ Building a collaborative system with partners

~ Launching partners’ councils

~ Building a technology training system

2011 ~ 2012

~ Entering into a fairness and win-win growth agreement

~ Creating a dedicated win-win growth team

~ Receiving the Grand Prize for software win-win growth best practices

2013 ~ 2014

~ Supporting tiered training

~ Improving productivity / enhancing quality competitiveness

~ Improving communication with partners

~ Receiving the “Best” grade on the Win-Win Growth Index for two consecutive years (2012-2013) from the government (Win-Win Growth Committee)

2015 ~ 2016

~ Enforce partner technical capabilities such as discovering and fostering solution partners

~ Providing development methodologies

~ Quality improvement education

Financial support to provide security for partners

Samsung SDS set up a fund with banks that allows its business partners to take out loans at lower interest rates than market interest rates. Samsung SDS also runs the Network Loan, which helps its business partners who are recommended based on their business performance with SDS to get credit loans from banks.

Aside from the one set up with banks, Samsung SDS provides additional funding to its partners free of charge. In addition to direct financing, the company set up a fund aimed at enhancing research and development and productivity.

Technical support and protection to strengthen partners’ technical and quality capabilities

Quality consulting and training to improve partners’ quality competitiveness

To improve the quality of its partners, Samsung SDS’s quality expert diagnoses each partner’s current level of quality, identifies and executes improvement tasks, and helps the partner create a quality system that best suits it.In addition, the company also provides continuous training and instructions regarding systematic quality methods and processes to help its partners improve their quality.

Providing Samsung SDS’s Development Methodology and technical instructions to utilize the method

Using 20 years of experience in the ICT field, Samsung SDS created the Innovator Methodology, an asset methodology for systematic and standard operating methods and procedures, and shares it with its partners. Aside from offering its partners the procedures and templates under the methodology, the company also provides technical instructions so that the partners can put the methodology to use. Samsung SDS and its partners are working together to minimize redundant work and improve the quality of outputs, ultimately aiming to strengthen their technical capabilities.

Adopting/operating a technology escrow program to protect partners’ technologies

To protect its partners’ core technologies, Samsung SDS has adopted and operated a technology escrow program. The technology escrow program entrusts technical data to an independent agency for safekeeping purposes to protect the partners’ technical outputs. Even when a partner develops similar outputs using its proprietary platform technology, the partner can reduce unnecessary development costs.

Personalized training and hiring support to strengthen partners’ capabilities

Through the Multi Campus, Samsung SDS’s specialized training center, the company not only provides IT-related technical training, but it also provides tiered system atic training to the employees to the CEOs of its partners.
Aside from regular free training programs, the company has also expanded a variety of core job training support, including how to write proposals and the cultivation of new PMs, to help partners foster their own business capabilities.
Additionally, the company helps job-seekers find and apply to desired companies by making partner information available on its website. SDS also runs a wide range of programs to offer its partners practical help in hiring through consulting services on job seekers’ applications and interviews.

Partner Collaboration Center

Partner Collaboration Center: A space for partners

The Partner Collaboration Center is a space for business partners where business meetings, workshops, and training can be held. The center promotes excellent solutions and products made by partners to Samsung SDS’s employees.

Value Creation

"In the age of Digital Convergence, Samsung SDS is creating new future value through creativity and innovation."

Partner Solution Fair to find partners with outstanding solutions

The Partner Solution Fair was created for Samsung SDS and its partners to improve global capabilities together and find new markets by combining their solutions to foster “small giant” solution providers. The fair is attended by SDS’s solutions officer and partners’ CEOs to give presentations on partners’ solutions and discuss how to collaborate to expand into new markets together.

Expanding into global markets with partners equipped with solutions and technology

Strengthening collaboration system with partners to expand globally together

Samsung SDS is strengthening its collaboration system through partnerships with domestic and international partners, which provide outstanding solutions and services in business areas with high growth potential such as healthcare and telecommunications.

Holding a joint exhibition with partners through collaboration with related agencies like KOTRA

To find international markets in China and the Middle East and to strengthen local customer relations, Samsung SDS is holding IT exchange fairs. At the fairs, the company introduces excellent solutions and business examples made by SDS and its partners. Through solution demonstrations and customer consulting services, the company is striving to develop new markets and improving its corporate awareness.

Joint technology development and sharing results to secure future growth engines

Joint R&D

The company is supporting partners’ technology development and implementing joint R&D, as well as creating a collaboration fund (financing) with the government.

Adopting/operating the results sharing system

To accomplish the joint goals (results) agreed to with partners, the company implements the results sharing system.