with Employees

Professional Development & Rewards

"For all employees at Samsung SDS, in order to become professionals in their respective fields, the company offers professional certification programs and world-class development courses."

SDS Certified Professional

SCP(SDS Certified Professional) is SDS’s own certified professional program through which visions for growth and growth paths can be suggested to technical professionals within the company. Upon passing strict screening focused on job experience, performance and capabilities, SCPs are officially assigned roles and responsibilities such as: ‘Training Juniors through Writing and Lectures in Specialty Areas’, ‘Internal and External Technology Innovations through Continuous R&D’ and ‘Technical Support and Issue Solving for Other Departments/Projects’ and become role models as specialists for other employees at Samsung SDS.

SAMSUNG SW Academy Mark

SSA(Samsung SW Academy) is the highest-level educational program aimed at training world-class technology leaders in key software areas, who must have the required capabilities for Samsung SDS to execute projects successfully.

Future technology leaders selected for SSA will complete advanced theoretical courses designed by top domestic and foreign instructors and intensive learning for at least 6 months, which includes the execution of on-site projects connected to leading global companies. In the future, the leaders will play their role as ‘Thought Leaders Who Lead Customers’, ‘Evangelists Who Spread the Latest Technologies’, and ‘Trainers Who Train Human Resources’.

My ProWay

Through My ProWay, employees at Samsung SDS identify the capabilities necessary to become job professionals and assess their own individual capabilities. Through objective capability assessments, employees at Samsung SDS voluntarily establish systemic plans for capability development; complete a variety of online and in-class courses; and cultivate their own capabilities.

Engaged Learning Culture

"Samsung SDS experts are creating a creative organizational culture of collective intelligence through engaged learning and discussions."

Open iT Developer Conference

Open iT, a conference for Samsung SDS developers, where developers with passion plan and voluntarily participate, is a place to share experience and knowledge under
the theme “Sharing and Improvement.

Global China Research Club

The Global China Research Club is where Samsung SDS people who love China meet! Aside from continuous learning activities and guest speeches from experts, the club also has carries out Chinese language volunteer service. They have recently published the first IT Chinese language textbook in South Korea called “Practice! IT Business Chinese with Case Studies!” The Global China Research Club is full of passion for learning and sharing.

Information Security Research Club

Samsung SDS’s Information Security Research Club has been around over 10 years. In 2013, the club was ranked first, second, and third places in the Open CTF(Capture The Flag) Contest at DEFCON, the world’s largest hacking contest. The club is leading the company-wide security field by translating famous books on security.

Other than that, about 400 in-house research clubs are creating a culture of Engaged Learning.

Creative Talent Selection

"At Samsung SDS, we lead the way for Creative Solution by selecting diverse talents who can meet the demands in the Age of Digital Convergence."

Samsung Convergence SW Academy

SCSA(Samsung Convergence SW Academy) is a program designed to train convergence talent equipped with knowledge in the humanities by providing humanities majors with the opportunity for intensive learning about software technology. Talented people trained through the SCSA use both sides of their brains and produce creative ideas to demonstrate their outstanding capabilities in various areas of Samsung SDS.

sGen Club

This is Samsung SDS’s membership program aimed at developing and training ICT leaders who have the gifts and talent necessary to lead the Korean ICT industry. Anyone aged between 15 and 25 can apply regardless of their specialty or level of education. For two years, talented people with various specialties have come together to implement ICT-based technology/program development projects and accumulate experience and knowledge while evolving into talented individuals who will lead the ICT industry through being mentored by Samsung SDS employees.

sGen Campus

For college students to become more interested in ICT, the company operates joint programs with universities. This industry-university cooperation program offers
top-performing attendees the chance to practice within the company. In this course, college students learn how to commercialize their ideas through individual and team
projects based on their understanding of IT trends and the new business planning process.

Work & Life Blending

"Samsung SDS provides an environment where employees can stay focused through a variety of programs that ensure their health and families’ happiness."

Shelter for Mental Health

Samsung SDS is proud to provide support for employees to restore their mental health and happiness through the mental health counseling service that is run by expert counselors. Samsung SDS runs a visiting counseling program, employees conduct the MBTI personality test, meditation, and stress self-assessment at the team level, with these services, team members can identify with each other.

sGen Club

Samsung SDS’s clubs are becoming places where employees who share common hobbies and interests gather around and bond while regaining energy at work. Samsung SDS supports over 300 in-house clubs in sports, culture, etc.

Family Engagement Events

Family happiness is the basic requirement for employees to stay focused and creatively work. To reach this goal, Samsung SDS provides a variety of family events, including employee talent-sharing classes, volunteering with employees’ children, summer vacation camps, and mentoring for children.

For Employees’ and their Families’ Healthcare

Samsung SDS supports a portion of costs for employees’ and spouses’ physical exams but as well as their children’s treatment. Samsung SDS also runs a fitness center, healthcare room (massage room) and medical room for emergency response and vaccinations.