What is smart Together?

"At Samsung SDS, our experts and best partners are working closely together to lead the healthy ICT ecosystem of the future."

A successful company always needs to work with the best employees and the best partners. At Samsung SDS, the team work of our best employees with our best partners is absolute necessity for the road to success.

Our Professionals at Samsung SDS Continue to strive to become World’s Best Experts

What kind of smart world is dreamed by Samsung SDS experts who boast of cutting-edge ICT technology?

At airports, there are streamlined, automatic immigration processes, as if people were passing through subway station doors by simply using fingerprint recognition; through IT and design convergence, a university library transformed from a reading room into a space where people can communicate with each other; a mobile office where work can be done without time and space constraints; and an intelligent home appliance which can be easily controlled with a mobile network.

Samsung SDS’s experts are continuously pushing the boundaries.

Samsung SDS goes out of its way to support the creation of an environment where employees can stay focused at work through a work-life balance. Aside from focusing on selected top talent, the company also provides a variety of educational programs to help develop additional world class best experts. Samsung SDS’s also sends experts to voluntarily organize research clubs and learning clubs so that they can build a more convenient and smarter ICT world.

Professional Development & Rewards

For all employees at Samsung SDS, in order to become professionalsin their respective fields, the
company offers professional certification programs and
world-class development courses.

Engaging Learning Culture

Creating an original organizational culture of collective intelligence through engaged learning and discussions.

Creative Talent Selection

Presenting creative solutions suitable for the age of digital convergence by selecting employees with multiple talents.

Work & Life Blending

Providing an environment where employees can stay focused by providing a variety of programs that ensure their health and families’ happiness.

The company is achieving a win-win growth with its partners and creating new future value.

To make one luxury car, a variety of high-quality components are needed. These components must be structured and have order.

Similar to that analogy, in order for Samsung SDS to realize a smart ICT world, the company needs business partners who offer the best quality and technology competitiveness.

Such partners’ solutions and technologies must be organically combined with Samsung SDS’s expertise.

Samsung SDS has built trust-based relationships with its partners through a fair and transparent business environment. This was done so that it can create a more convenient and smarter ICT world with the best partners around the world. In addition, to improve its mutually enhancing and growing relationships with partners, Samsung SDS operates the 5 Win-Win Growth Programs. Samsung SDS will spearhead the creation of a healthy ICT ecosystem with its partners and lead the global market through mutual growth.

Samsung SDS has its doors wide open to partners who have the appropriate expertise.


Samsung SDS intends to create a transparent and clean business environment with partners based on the principle of righteous management. This is the Group’s core value.


Business partners are valuable partners for Samsung SDS ; the growth of partners leads to the enhanced competitiveness of Samsung SDS.

Value Creation

In the age of Digital Convergence, the company is creating new future value through creativity and innovation.