Samsung SDS was founded in 1985 as the exclusive IT service provider and e-Business supporter for the Samsung Group. Samsung SDS is a leading information and communication technolocy (ICT) service provider in Korea with an annual revenue of $5 billion and an expanding global network of 14,300 employees around the world. Samsung SDS has successfully developed and delivered many systems and services in the public, finance, automotive, heavy industry, medical, manufacturing, chemical, education, electronics, and defence sectors.
Samsung SDS Europe Ltd (SDSE) provides total ICT service for Samsung Group in Europe, CIS, Middle East and Afria as well as providing solutions and consultation in system integration and ICT infrastructure.
Samsung SDSE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung SDS that was established in 2000 and has been growing rapidly with three branches (Germany, Russia, Dubai) and 5 Logistics branches (Netherlands, Hungary, Russia, Egypt, Slovakia).
Our main business includes software package solutions, system integration, IT professional services and IT Outsourcing services to our clients. The company not only services Europe but also the Middle East, Africa, and CIS with further local offices throughout Europe and the Middle East. Samsung SDSE has a proven track record in a variety of vertical industries including Electronics, Semiconductors, Aerospace, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Retail, Government, Telecommunications and Finance.

"We strive to help our customers increase their competitiveness by offering optimal ICT services."

Samsung SDSE will be your trusted partner enabling you to create new opportunities using, the most innovative services for your most important businesses.

Executive Management

  • Jaehan Lee

    President & CEO
    of Samsung SDS Europe

    Jaehan Lee

President & CEO
of Samsung SDS Europe

Jaehan Lee has held the post of European President of Samsung SDS since 2016 and serves as its Head of Network, ICT (Information Communication Technology), Logistics Services and Enterprise Solution Divisions.

Before joining Samsung SDS in EMEA, Mr Lee spent 21 years at Accenture (1990-2011), having held a variety of management roles before becoming an Executive Partner, overseeing projects relating to: Analytics, Business Processing Outsourcing services (BPO) and next generation technologies.

Since then, he has proved himself to be of excellent calibre taken on key roles within the Samsung organisation, resulting in his appointment as Executive Vice President (2011∼2015) for Samsung SDS Middle East & Africa. He was recognised by headquarters and a favourable decision was made to elect him as the President of SDS Europe in January 2016. Mr Lee currently is based in the United Kingdom and governs all of SDS businesses across the European and Russia Region.

Mr.Lee holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Yonsei University in South Korea.