"Samsung SDS's Vision of a Better Life for Everyone: insight to inspiration."

Samsung SDS gains insight by comprehending and analyzing the true nature of things and technologies, and enriches human nature and inspires the world through comprehensive research on customer experience.

insight refers to the ability to discern by understanding the true nature of things.
In its simplest form, information has no meaning in itself. Only when accumulated information is processed and used to find root causes and predict results can information become useful in predicting the future. This is what Samsung SDS means by "insight."

inspiration refers to a combination of knowledge founded on reason with sensibility. It also means to suggest a solution to customers through a convergent approach. Rational insight alone cannot make everyone happy. Happiness can be brought to people only when peopleĀ“s needs for reason and sensibility are met. Aside from "insight," is the kind of "inspiration" that Samsung SDS is pursuing in its human-centric approach.

Core Values:

Future of Samsung SDS

In the near future, Samsung SDS will become

    For employees, a company that grows along with talent that has a balanced mix of insight and inspiration.

    For customers, a company that suggests the right solution that is both insight and inspiration.

    For partners, a company that creates partnership opportunities through insight and inspiration.

    For communities, a company that creates a convenient, human-oriented life through insight and inspiration.